Casino Upholstery Repairs in Tacoma, Kent, WA and Surrounding Areas

Casino Upholstery Repairs in Tacoma, Kent, WA and Surrounding Areas

Do your card table rails look worn from years of use?

If you manage a casino, you work hard to keep the environment clean and inviting. But vinyl card table rails will become worn and tattered after years of use.

When vinyl surfaces are starting to show signs of disrepair, just call Brodie Upholstery for furniture reupholstery services. We can provide seamless repairs to:

  • Minimize the appearance of wrinkles and folds
  • Make vinyl surfaces last longer
  • Improve the appearance of your casino

Experience Matters for your Casino's Upholstery

We outrival our competition with tailored methods allowing us to reupholster card table rails seamlessly. Seams often create wrinkles and folds in the upholstery that are aesthetically displeasing and become the most likely place for tears. Casino managers know this and often prefer a no-seam repair.

Not only do our techniques allow a seamless repair without wrinkles or folds, perhaps more importantly, our method helps to ensure durability and maintain the vinyl's integrity by not over-stretching the vinyl. We service a number of casinos and have found that many have the same slot and card table chairs. We carry most all the patterns enabling us to come prepared with pre-sewn patterns to guarantee a speedy repair.
Call today to get a free estimate on furniture reupholstery services in the Tacoma or Kent, WA areas.